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Elect Frank Wright for MSAD #75 School Board!

Every election cycle is important. We hope you'll vote for Frank Wright on March 13th. He shares our Dems values and will continue to provide a voice of reason on the school board.

To read more about Frank Wright, click Bio.

Please note that Tim Prindall, though his name may appear on the ballot, is no longer running for this office.

To request an absentee ballot, call the Harpswell Town Office at 207-833-5771. You can also vote there, too, or vote on March 13th at the Harpswell Community School.

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Dear Harpswell Dems,

This was a very strange time to run for office. Back when I made the decision to run for re-election, the world looked very different than it does now. And like everywhere else, the negativity, false narratives and outrageous comments were alive and well in our local races too. However, thanks to the positivity and support of people like you, both Mattie Daughtry and I won our races and will continue to serve Harpswell in the legislature.

I can’t thank you enough for all your work - displaying signs, writing letters to the editor, Facebook posts, words of encouragement, and just by being involved! Thanks to the hard work of so many, Democrats did maintain our majority in the House and increased it in the Senate.

Thank you Harpswell Dems! Onward!