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It's April and that means it's time to get to work. 

April 22 is deadline for contributing $5 to Cheryl's Clean election fund! 

Here's a message from Rep. Golek on her Re-elect Cheryl Golek campaign:

These past two years have been an incredible honor and a learning experience to serve our community as a state legislature. With election season upon us again, I am asking for your help and support in being re-elected and continuing to represent our district in the State House.

I am running as a Clean Election Candidate again for the same reasons I did in my first campaign. I feel strongly about keeping corporate and special interests out of our politics. 

To qualify as a Clean Election Candidate, I must collect 60 $5 donations from registered voters in House District 99 by April 22.

A registered voter of any party can make donations, and it is per person, not by household, which means any registered voter in the house may contribute. So today, I am asking for your help to achieve this goal. If you would like to make a $5 donation today, you can do so at this link: www.maine.gov/cleanelections 

With your renewed help and support, I will be able to return to Augusta with the knowledge and experience I gained in the 131st Legislature and continue to have the honor of representing your voices in Augusta.

I am looking forward to conversations with all of you.

Please get in touch with me if you have questions, ideas, or concerns; my door is always open.



Cheryl A Golek

Phone: 207-535-9857


Rep. Golek's April 2024 newsletter (https://conta.cc/3J3q5dv)

+How Cheryl is helping to deliver tax relief to Maine families

+Her legislative record and the bills she has sponsored

+Storm recovery update

+Tax filing resources and unclaimed property Celebrating Women's History Month

Our caucus was a great success. 

It was great to see so many Harpswell Dems answer the call to caucus. We enjoyed seeing old friends and welcoming new friends. Representative Cheryl Golek and Senator Mattie Daughtry spoke to the achievements of the last year and the need to keep going. Let's do all we can to re-elect them! Chad Jabobs of Orrs Island gave an inspiring speech on the nature of freedom and the need to take action. 

Coming soon to Harpswell: our local biennial caucus on February 4.

Calling all Harpswell Democrats! Please join us for our biennial caucus at the Harpswell Community School gym on Sunday, February 4, from 1 to 3 pm. 

Find out more about why we are having a caucus here. Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is there a caucus? I thought Maine was a primary state now?

Political parties in Maine are required by state law to hold caucuses every two years for the purpose of organization. The caucus is where, in most cases, local Democratic committees organize and elect officers. It also is where we elect delegates to the Maine Democratic Party Convention.

When will the caucus take place?

February 3rd or 4th, between 10am and 8pm. To find the exact date and time of your local caucus, please see the Caucus Directory. Harpswell Dems meet on February 4th.

Who may participate?

Any registered Maine Democrat.

When is the presidential primary?

Tuesday, March 5th.

When is the Maine Democratic Party State Convention?

May 31 and June 1, at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

What does a delegate to the State Convention do?

Delegates at the 2024 Maine Democratic Party Convention will vote on the following:

Is that it or is there anything fun?

The Convention is fun! There will be great speakers, information on how to get involved in campaigns, some parties, and camaraderie with fellow Democrats!

Will each caucus still be divided by presidential candidate?



Really! This is the beauty of having the caucus before the primary, it makes life easier. 

It's 2024 and there's a lot to get done.

Let's start by watching Biden's Valley Forge speech: https://www.youtube.com/live/ictnsmrAntc?si=mfq8xp8394xSaUmh

In 2024, we will resume archiving Harpswell Indivisible's Scouting Reports on our Take Action page. 

Why? Because each issue is packed with information, calls to action, and reminders that we can make a difference. Click on any link and you will be one step closer to taking a step toward of a better future.

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